The Album "On Air" (2011) is a colourful vocal album, offering the listener everything from beguiling ballads to swinging house grooves.

The new sound of Golden Tone Radio is embossed by the vibrant vocal impulse of the wonderful singers Velislava Stantscheva and Dita von Aster.

2011 (Golden Hearing)

This heart-warming but even danceable electrosound raises hope for better days! Golden Tone Radios

first album is music for cars and drivers and has already three vocal tracks in the bag.

-Including the wonderful track “Is It Right?“ with the vocalist Tom Reich who died in 2009 -

2007 (Audio Lotion)

Album “Listen 2016“ in a 13 min. Mix

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2016 (Diventa Music)

With his 3rd album “Listen 2016“, the producer Clemens Krallmann tells a story of an electronic journey, beginning vividly in the whorls of edifying intoxication, carried by the soft curves of the melody, towardsthe gloaming of darkened landscapes, while always being able to see beauty in the melancholia.

The remixes of "Silent Song" and "On The Shore" were composed in a collaboration with singer/songwriter Marja Kaiser on her project "Shed".


2017 (Golden Hearing)

What happend when a brilliant, multi-faceted musician and singer finds herself in the instrumental sphere of Golden Tone Radio? Wonderful world conquering songs are created, simmering with influences from traditional pop and electronc music.

Tina Amelie and Golden Tone Radio present four scintillating songs that arose from their collaboration between 2014 and 2016 on the EP “Casanova“.